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Each treatment is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Therefore, it is best to discuss the total cost estimate during your first consultation with our fertility specialists.

1. Different medication costs are different

    In the process of IVF, because each woman's body and ovarian health are different, the drugs and doses that each person needs to use in the test tube are also different. Naturally, there will be differences in costs due to this reason.

   For example, if some women already have very few eggs, they need to go through more than two ovulation stimulations to get enough eggs for test tubes. The type and amount of drugs needed by each person are very different, which is why many people have different prices for this part of the cost.

2. Different infertility factors have different costs

    The infertility factors of patients are different, so the treatment plan is also very different, which is also the reason for the different treatment methods and costs that need to be used in test tube treatment.

    For example, if a woman suffers from gynecological inflammation, ovarian insufficiency, or few males, weak sperm and other diseases, it is necessary to effectively solve the disease before starting the test tube. Then there will be differences in treatment methods and costs due to differences in etiology, so this is also one of the reasons for the differences in costs.

3. Different test tube techniques have different costs

     The test tube baby technology has been developed to the third generation of test tubes since its birth, and the cost of the first, second and third generation test tubes is also different. The third-generation test tube can screen genetic diseases and chromosomes, and the cost will be higher than that of the first and second-generation test tubes.

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We recommend that you book a consultation and discuss the detailed cost of your individual treatment.

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