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Taihaoyun has cooperated with a number of Thai hospitals to protect the treatment quality and user privacy of customers during their stay in Thailand

Thailand EK International Hospital

Thailand EK International Hospital is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. In 2016, it was successfully listed on the main board of Thailand. EKI Assisted Reproduction Research Center is the core department of EK International Hospital in recent years. Its test-tube baby success rate has reached the highest level in the world, reaching 75%. Moreover, EKI is equipped with the world's top test-tube baby assisted pregnancy equipment, and its all-round humanized service and warm and comfortable treatment environment are praised by many families.

Jetanin Hospital, Thailand

Jetanin Hospital is a professional hospital that has used the third-generation IVF technology and FISI method to treat infertility since 1999. It is not only the first hospital in Thailand to successfully use the GIFT gamete intrafallopian transplantation method to treat infertility, but also the first hospital in Asia to successfully use (TESE/ICSI assisted sperm retrieval + single sperm injection) method to help infertility caused by the man. Fertile couples have children of their own.

Thailand Siam Hospital

Siam Hospital officially opened in October 2016. Despite its short history, it is now one of the better surrogacy agencies in Thailand. Siam Fertility Center is equipped with brand-new and state-of-the-art medical equipment. The embryo laboratory established in accordance with international standards can greatly improve the accuracy of detection and better guarantee the success rate of IVF. The current cumulative success rate Up to 70% or more.

Thailand BNH Hospital

BNH Hospital was founded in 1991, formerly known as "Bangkok Nursing Hospital" founded in 1898. It has been in operation for 110 years. As a comprehensive aristocratic international hospital, BNH Center has very high-quality medical services and treatment technologies, and has made great achievements in test-tube baby technology, and has received countless consultations from patients over the years.

Thailand SUPERIOR ART Hospital

Superior ART Hospital is located in the center of Bangkok, and its headquarters laboratory "Sydney IVF Center" is currently one of the top laboratories in the world, and its application of PGD technology has received unanimous praise from all over the world. The hospital has complete supporting facilities, the instruments and equipment have reached the world's first-class level, and has a group of powerful doctors. It is one of the most advanced advanced research centers of assisted reproductive technology in the world.

Thailand ibaby reproductive center

Thailand iBaby Fertility Center was established in 2011 and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. The center has professional medical staff, patient consultation room, embryo culture room, sperm analysis and preparation room, gene research room, etc. The embryo culture room adopts advanced equipment above international standards. The hospital has an independent laboratory and a strong team of doctors who can skillfully operate preimplantation genetic diagnosis PGD/PGS technology.

Thailand Pattaya Hospital

Pattaya Hospital has the leading in vitro fertilization laboratory in Southeast Asia, including embryo culture rooms, operating rooms, embryo freezing rooms, sperm processing rooms, etc., all built in accordance with international standards, forming a "one-stop" service model with reproductive center clinics. The IVF center is fully equipped and ready to provide treatment for different fertility technologies.

Thailand LRC Hospital

The LRC team of doctors has 20 years of experience and has solved fertility problems for more than 20,000 patients. The team cultivated the first 5-day-old blastocyst in Thailand in 1998, which laid the foundation for blastocyst cell extraction, PGT-A detection and blastocyst transplantation, and greatly improved the embryo cultivation technology and embryo transfer success rate in Thailand.

Millennium Reproductive Center Thailand

The Millennium Reproductive Center is presided over by Professor Kun Nanshan, a famous Asian embryologist who is the board member of Mahidol University, and has hired many professors, doctors and chief physicians from the Reproductive Center of the University Affiliated Hospital to attend the consultation in person, with a strong lineup of doctors. The embryo laboratory is equipped with world-class upgraded embryo microscope equipment, and has an international standard NGS&PGS sterile laboratory (which can independently operate third-generation embryo chromosome screening).