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Taihao Reproductive Health Research (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. The company provides overseas third-generation artificial assisted reproductive test-tube baby consulting services. Relying on Thailand's advanced medical resources, it provides customers with personalized full-birth cycle medicine. Solutions, dedicated to assisting every family in need.

Taihaoyun signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Thailand's authoritative reproductive center to help Chinese people enjoy safe, comfortable and fast overseas medical services, so that you can give birth to your baby with more peace of mind, peace of mind and peace of mind in the medical journey!

  • Docking Thailand's first-line medical technology
  • Accurately match hospital doctors and provide green channels for overseas test tubes
  • Develop a personalized plan, one-stop worry-free IVF service

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The expert team provides one-on-one professional consulting services for surrogate families, and improves the success rate of test tubes for customers by providing personalized comprehensive solutions.

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Relying on Thailand's advanced medical resources and professional service system, we provide customers with full-process, high-experience overseas assisted reproductive medical consulting services.

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Using the blood drawn from the mother and father, a chip can be made to check the abnormality of 23 pairs of chromosomes in the embryo, conduct quantitative gene analysis, select the healthiest embryo, and increase the pregnancy rate.

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The threshold for third-generation IVF in China is high, and it is necessary to provide a certificate of genetic disease, or there are as many as three times of second-generation IVF failure history and other harsh conditions.All you need is a valid passport in Thailand.

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  • The team members are dedicated and responsible, and have super emergency handling capabilities.
  • The team is very familiar with the process of IVF.
  • In Thailand, we cooperate with the world's top embryology experts to carefully and rigorously check every detail of embryo cultivation.

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