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Overseas test tube technology has 40 years of clinical experience, and reserves the most advanced medical technology, equipment and expert team. Moreover, the overseas medical environment is relaxed, and only a passport is required to enjoy the most advanced medical technology services.

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By integrating high-quality overseas medical resources, we provide customers with personalized medical solutions for the whole reproductive cycle. The success rate of IVF in Thailand is about 75%-85%, and it has become the first choice for Chinese people to go overseas for medical treatment.

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With a dedicated attitude and absolute sense of responsibility, we will help more families.

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Become the leading company in the IVF subdivision field, and the first choice for Chinese people to go overseas for assisted reproduction.

" We are full of enthusiasm to help you find the best solution and help you go more smoothly on this road."
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We not only have overseas high-quality medical resources and a professional management team, but also have senior test-tube baby experts as the backing. By providing the most authoritative test-tube baby consultation, we can really help expectant parents in action and understand their needs. At the same time, while ensuring high-quality and personalized test tube consulting services, we offer reasonable prices and do our best to help expectant parents realize their desire to have a healthy baby.

When you have a plan to go to Thailand for test tubes and open the IVF-pregnant page, congratulations, you have formed an indissoluble bond with us. From then on, your goal of forming a complete family becomes our top priority. We will work together with you for the goal of "having a healthy baby", and provide easy-to-understand process introduction settings and clear and transparent fee descriptions.

1. Domestic inspection 4. Fertilization culture

2. Preparation for ovarian stimulation 5. Embryo detection

3. Sperm and egg retrieval 6. Transplantation to wait for delivery

Under normal circumstances, the test tube process can be completed in 4 to 6 months. The time allocation is roughly as follows: it takes one month to conduct a domestic birth examination and send the report to a Thai hospital for evaluation and filing. It is expected to be 1 month in Thailand for ovulation stimulation preparation and egg retrieval. It is recommended to perform embryo transfer 2 months after egg retrieval, and the embryo transfer is expected to take about 10 days.

  • Infertility: repeated miscarriages, repeated test tube failures, female gynecological diseases such as polycystic, endometriosis, chocolate cysts, etc., male oligospermia, sperm abnormalities, etc.
  • Family hereditary diseases: second child with a history of genetic diseases, monogenic genetic diseases (such as thalassemia, etc.), balanced chromosome translocation, Roche translocation, leukemia children, HLA matching of children with β-thalassemia
  • Precise and high-quality embryo selection
  • Special populations: female fertility preservation, HIV patients giving birth

twice. The first time, egg retrieval. Expectant mothers need to stay in Thailand for 2-3 weeks for egg retrieval, during which they will prepare for ovulation stimulation and extract high-quality eggs. The second time, for embryo transfer, it is expected to stay in Thailand for about 10 days. After the high-quality embryos are transferred, they can return to China for delivery, and they will be tested 10-12 days after implantation.